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Geneviève Tanguay

Targeted industries

Energy, mining and environment (renewable energy), health sciences (medical technologies), information and communications technology (electronics/semiconductors, print technology), transportation (automotive)



Edmonton – University of Alberta

The National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) is a program of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Established as a joint initiative between NRC, the University of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta, NINT devises nano-enabled solutions that meet scalability, integration, manufacturability and environmental health and safety requirements for product development.

We provide organizations with access to specialized, high value resources at a fraction of the cost of securing them yourself. Through our diversity of expertise and collaboration, we discover, design, characterize and demonstrate nanoscale materials, devices and processes in order to realize new scientific insights and create new nano-enabled products that will benefit Canada.

Collaborate with us

Working with NINT enables you to advance your projects to develop novel technologies and products in the fields of advanced materials, sensors and devices, and nano-biology. As a secure, national organization, we have access to well-equipped supporting facilities. If the need arises, we can also tap into resources across Canada and international linkages to academic networks that our researchers have developed to leverage your investment.

Collaboration opportunities

NINT focuses on the translation of nanotechnology breakthroughs into scalable materials, processes and manufacturable prototypes for industrial clients. Our multi-disciplinary collaborative model aims to drive the adoption of nanotechnologies by Canadian industry, to help bring innovations to market through strategic and client-driven technical services and to create Canadian prosperity through the responsible deployment of nanotechnologies.

We are currently looking to engage industry in collaborative projects in the following areas.

Advanced materials

  • Epoxy and composites. NINT developed long lasting polymer nano-composite with superior mechanical properties at reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Composite Lubricants. NINT has worked with industry to develop high temperature resistant lubricant using nano-additives.
  • Water purification membranes. NINT has experiment with electro-spinning equipment to produced membranes that may be applicable in this area.

Sensors and devices

  • Molecular junction. NINT scientists have developed audio clipping devices using molecular junctions, which are organic-based circuits. These properties are not available with conventional semiconductor devices.
  • Pathogen detection/air quality. NINT has a history of working with clients developing techniques and devices in these areas.
  • Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). NINT has also expertise in designing and fabricating sensors for the aeronautic, biotechnology, and oil and gas industries.
Research facilities

NINT clients gain access to specialized infrastructure and facilities, including:


NRC engages clients on an individual basis, and through consortia and other multi-partner collaboration models. Contact us to find out how we can work together to advance the development and deployment of nanotechnology.

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